Monday, April 18, 2011

Military Life...From a Spouse's Perspective: Milleth Soliza

The Military Brat Team and the Homefront Team are combining efforts to share our experiences with the military lifestyle so that others can fully understand the sense of community, sacrifices, benefits, and expectations we all share as members of a truly unique group of people. Each month we will feature a story shared by a Military Brat Team member, and a story shared by a Homefront Team member.

  This Feature is written by Milleth Soliza, shop owner of Fully Hooked

Military Life….
From a spouse's perspective

     Sometimes someone will say to you “oh you poor dear, deployments must be very hard on you, especially with kids”. Sometimes, they’ll say “thank you for your service”. And then sometimes, they’ll simply give you a look of mixed animosity and pity. And I would respond “yes ma’am, it sure is hard” or “thank you, sir, and you’re welcome”, or simply just smile kindly.

     Everyone seems to have a premeditated view on military life, and I agree that it’s not the life for everyone. I may sit hours on end, making jewelry and burning the midnight oil, waiting for that phone call to come through from some remote location in the desert, and I may celebrate birthdays, holidays and anniversaries without my other half, but I don’t despair--because this life has allowed me to fall in love with my husband many times over. This life has reinforced every promise we’ve ever made to each other, and truly, I am happy.

     Every deployment or separation creates that gut-wrenching anxiety that starts at the pit of your stomach and spreads all over you and seem to settle deep within you, making it hard to breathe… but every return brings with it the euphoria of first love: the butterflies, the tingles, the perpetual pull and gravity of a steadfast commitment made between husband and wife—and I’m okay once more.  We knew from the onset that this was going to be hard, but the rewards are great as long as you are committed to making the most of everything. So, hard as military life might be, my smile never wavers.

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Robin Norgren, Blog Coordinator


Sara Rubendall Design Studio said...

What you said is absolutely true, great write up! I'm heading over to check out your shop right now!

Fully Hooked said...

Thank you. Hubby's is getting ready to deploy again, and after reading this once more, I'm reminded of all that deployment entails.