Monday, April 11, 2011

HF Community: Monday Meetups

The 2nd and 4th (sometimes 5th) Monday of every month, watch this space for a few questions that you can take, post and answer on your blogs and THEN LINK BACK HERE so that we all can come around and visit.

This adventure is OPEN TO EVERYONE!  You DO NOT have to be a part of the Homefront Team.  We just ask that when you leave your link here, you TRULY have a post that pertains to the set of questions.

OK so....

This Week's Questions come from 
Sarah of Florida Scarf

 Handmade Green Heart Scarf Womens Neckwarmer

1. Where is your favorite place to go for inspiration?
2. What is your most embarrassing moment as an operator of a small business?
3. What is one thing that you have to do everyday that you dislike?

Here are Sarah's Answers:
1. I am constantly looking back at old vacation photos when I paint. They give me the best compositions. I also like painting them the most because I can remenisce.
2. I once went to a designer-call at a department store in NYC. The girl reviewing my product basically told me she was insulted that I had brought my handmade goods to the store. She said her customer was "way sexier" than that. I felt like an idiot. Now I laugh about it.
3. I HATE making the bed.

Ok, remember to list the link to your blog in the comments

Sarah's links:
Have questions? Send them to us for consideration via the "Contact" Tab at the top of the blog?


BadCat said...

Oh this is going to be a fun blog post to follow.

I am here:

Kim said...

My answers are here:

Robin Norgren said...

Here's my post! Sarah you are a ROCK STAR for being able to shake off that moment!

I will be around later to read the posts!

Shanna said...

you can find my answers here

Robin Norgren said...

GOTCHA guys! very fun!

Sarah C. Geraci said...

It's great getting to know everyone. I think our members are losing steam. Either that or they hate my questions. There's only one way to find out...tune in next time!

Robin Norgren said...

Well I LOVE YOUR QUESTIONS Sarah so that's not it :D

Camelot's Treasures said...

I know totally late ... but here's my blog post on this :)

Molly said...

Don't worry, I'm late to the party too! :) Here are my answers:

Robin Norgren said...

yay! more hoppers!

smurfbeads said...

Got the answer here:

Mandy said...

Whoops. Is it Wednesday already???