Monday, April 25, 2011

HF Community: Monday Meetups

The 2nd and 4th (sometimes 5th) Monday of every month, watch this space for a few questions that you can take, post and answer on your blogs and THEN LINK BACK HERE so that we all can come around and visit.

This adventure is OPEN TO EVERYONE!  You DO NOT have to be a part of the Homefront Team.  We just ask that when you leave your link here, you TRULY have a post that pertains to the set of questions.

OK so....

This Week's Questions come from 
1)  What is your most treasured possession?
2)  What was the best gift that you gave to someone?
3)  If you are having a "crafter's block" and finding it hard to get your craft on, what helps you get out of that?

Ok, remember to list the link to your blog in the comments

  Have questions? Send them to us for consideration via the "Contact" Tab at the top of the blog.

Well of Creations- Blog Coordinator


Camelot's Treasures said...

So excited about this - I forgot to submit my answers to the blog. However you can find my answers here on my blog :)

Robin Norgren said...

Here's my answers:

Mandy said...

Oops, Monday came and went!

Sarah C. Geraci said...

Sorry. I'm a day late.