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Thank A Teacher Giveaway - FINAL DAY TO ENTER!

Less than 12 hours before the "Thank a Teacher" Giveaway will be over!  Be sure to get your entry in time, so you can have a chance to win a prize basket filled with 15 awesome handmade items!  Enter on the link below:

  At one time or another, someone had to TEACH us something.  Teachers surround us, from our parents, our educators, our spiritual leaders, our employers, and our peers.  And we have all been influenced positively by the teachers in our lives.

With the Academic year coming to a close, the Homefront Team figured it would be a GREAT time to host this special giveaway to honor the "teachers" in our lives.  Here's some stories from some of our gracious donors, about who their favorite teacher was in their life.

"My favorite teacher was probably my father. He gave me many of the values I still use today: work hard, tell the truth, move with a purpose, community service and anything worth doing is worth doing well." - Glen from Glen's Workshop

"My favorite teacher was Dr Keller. He was one of my professors at Kent State University back in the mid '90s. I majored in Elementary Education and he taught Teacher classes like teaching Math and Science for Elementary Students. What I loved about this teacher was that he made each lesson fun and combined thought provoking activities to start out different lessons. These lessons made you excited to learn and when you left the class you had a new lesson and corresponding activity that you could use for your own students. He made it fun to learn and showed how to spark curiosity and a desire to learn that not all educators grasp."  - Jenny from Jenny Clark Stamp Art

"That's easy. My fourth grade math teacher Mr. Felts. He made learning math fun and easy to understand. Through him, I developed a fuller understanding of mathematical concepts and a love of math that followed me through my entire educational experience and adult life. Now, my kids also love and enjoy math too!" - Jennifer from BrankletsNBling

"I'm not sure I had a single favorite teacher. What I had was a deep respect and appreciation for teachers who held me to high standards, challenged me, held me accountable for my responsibilities, wouldn't accept sloppiness or laziness, and most of all, taught from their hearts. I am forever grateful for those teachers!" - Shelly from Marks on My Heart

"My favorite teacher was my high school music teacher, Mrs. Jacobs. She was very energetic, bubbly, and encouraging. She helped me to come out of my shell a bit so I was able to participate in musicals, the orchestra, and select choir. She was fun!" - Shawna from Gramma Vedora Soap Company

"My favorite teacher was one of my college professors, Dr. Rochelle. It was my Senior year and I needed one more writing class to fulfill the "Writing Intensive" requirement. I signed up for his "Creative Writing" class, and had no idea what to expect. He was the best- so casual and relaxed, but a fantastic teacher. He made us all feel like amazing authors, even though we were not! He was just one of those professors that would do whatever he could to help. If I had taken one of his classes earlier, I might have been an English major!" - Shanna from Quite Crafty

 "Mrs. Shumate is my favorite teacher. She's my fifth grade teacher. I'm in fifth grade now." - Devon from Paper Capers

"My favorite teacher would have to be Mr. Royer from 4th grade.  I was always ahead of the rest of the class with assignments, and didn't always do my homework because I already knew and understand the lessons.  Most of the time teachers let me slide, but Mr. Royer actually failed me in one of the subjects, even though he knew that I knew the material.  He felt it was important to teach me that doing my homework was just as important as the classwork because it taught me responsibility and completing everything that was assigned.  And he took the time to explain it to me.  After that, I always completed my homework and never failed a subject again." - Guin from Camelot's Accessories 

"My favorite teacher is Mrs. Rogers because she always make reading and writing fun.  I will miss her when I go into the 6th grade!" Mallory from Mallory Alisabeth 

You still have time to win some { AWESOME } prizes?  Be sure to enter the contest on this blog post:

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Thank a Teacher Giveaway - Prize Descriptions - Don't forget to ENTER!

Thank A Teacher Giveaway is NOW OPEN and taking ENTRIES!  Be sure to enter on the following blog post:

Here's some detailed descriptions of what { ONE } lucky winner will be receiving in their prize basket!  These are all valued OVER $100!

Apples and Pears Crocheted Top Kitchen Towel

This towel is a perfect addition to your kitchen decor.  Never worry about your towels falling on the ground again!  Just hang it up on your oven handle or refrigerator door. Throw it in the washer with your other towels when it gets dirty.

Pink Crystal Earrings "Pink Essence"

Earrings that will add that delicate sparkle to your outfit.  They go from day to night - from home to formal events. They measure 1 1/2 inches in length and feature: vintage pink moonglow lucite beads, clear Swarovski crystals, silver plated daisy spacers, and silver plated ear hooks.

Handmade Coventry Ballpoint Pen in Chrome and Cherry

Handcrafted yet petite and lightweight, the Coventry Pen is easy to carry in pocket books, planners, purses, and more!  With a charming pattern, smooth twist operation, and jewelry-grade plating, the Coventry Ballpoint Pen is sure to be an addition to your pen collection you will love.
Cherry is a beautiful wood which only gets better with age.  This wood darkens with time and exposure to the sun.

ABC & Polka Dot Handmade Bookmark

Vintage Schoolhouse Handmade Bookmark - ABC's and Polka Dots.  Backed with Nautral Kraft Paper.  Made with archival quality, acid-free cardstock in rustic tones, conjuring a timeless love for learning.

Schoolhouse Apples Note Card Set

Set of  4 hand stamped cards with an apple theme.  It is in an upcycled box covered in designer paper.  Great for a note home or a thank you card.

Sweet Bird Bracelet

Sweetly simple and fun, this bracelet features an antuqued brass bird and flower connector with a tiny dangling Swarovski cyrstal in a dainty purple.

Tootle Recycled Notebook with Mini Envelopes

Made by Devon of Paper Capers, this fun set is made from recycled materials.  It includes a notebook made from a Little Golden Book, Tootle, with 60 blank sheets and 10 matching mini envelopes from the reclaimed pages of the book.  Each envelope has 2 sheets of notepaper.
This is the perfect gift set for a teacher!

Handmade Matchbook Notepads - 4 Pack

Perfect little notepads for tiny notes!
These little notepads are made with pretty acid-free cardstock and feature a matchbook style design.  There are over 20 sheets of post-consumer recycled white paper, which amounts to 40 pages to write on!
Ideas for use: purses, stocking stuffers, party favors, grab bag gifts, appreciation gifts, prizes, and more!

Schoolhouse Fabric Basket

This fun basket is perfect for holding things that don't have a home on your desk, or a carry-all for taking things back to where they belong!  Looks can be decieving - this little basket measures approximately 3 1/2" x 6" and is 4" deep, so it can hold more than you think!

Handmade Chocolate Bars with Candy and Cookies - (3) 1 oz bars

Yum...chocolate lovers' delight!  In this pack you will get a sampling of 3 different bars - one plain milk chocolate, one milk chocolate covered crushed chocolate sandwhich cookies, and one milk chocolate covered chocolate candies.  Each bar 1 oz bar is made up of 4 squares, that are easily shared (or not!).  Have we made you hungry yet? (NOTE: These chocolate bars were made in a kitchen that uses nuts, wheat, and dairy.)

Yuzu Handcrafted Hot Process Soap

Delicious, sweet, fruity citrus!  A yummy scented soap created in the hot process style.  This soap was created using natural vegetable oils and nut oils such as shea butter for a skin pampering experience!  Bright pink and sunny yellow colorants help this soap to be eye-catching and bright!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thank a Teacher - Homefront Team Treasury

If you haven't already entered the drawing - be sure to go to this blog post about it:

$100 worth of prizes, ONE lucky winner!

Check out this treasury full of our gracious sponsors of this giveaway and some other fabulous Homefront Team members!

Metallic Blue Earrings with ...

Civil War Bullet Pen Handmad...

12 Recycled Paper Gift Tags ...

Colorful Rose Adjustable Rin...

Crochet Mug Cozy in Yellow, ...

Large Stone Bracelet - prehn...

Card to match your gift of j...

Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit ...

Cookies & Chocolate - (3) 1 ...

Cold process soap black whit...

Fresh Birds - Zip Pocket Pou...

Blowing Kisses to Submarines...

Double Infinity Sterling Nec...

Handmade Agricola Animal Tok...

Nintendo's Mario and Yos...

Custom Address Personalized ...

Again, don't forget to stop by the blog post with the OFFICIAL entry form to enter our team giveaway here - 

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Thank a Teacher Giveway - ENTER HERE

It's HERE!  It's HERE!

The anticipated Homefront Team "Thank a Teacher" Giveaway!


Leave a comment on THIS blog post answering this question:

" Who was your favorite teacher and why? "

This comment is mandatory to be entered into the drawing, but rest assured we will not judge you on your answers.  We just like to see what other people have to say and they you are paying attention!  (SPECIAL NOTE: If we don't see a comment from you on THIS blog post, your entries will NOT count!  So don't forget to answer the above question below.)

You can also earn extra entries by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and tweeting about this giveaway on your Twitter page.  Of course, these are not mandatory and we neither Facebook or Twitter are sponsors of our giveaway.

For ANY of your entries to count (including the blog comment) you MUST click on the Rafflecopter doo-dad at the bottom of this blog post.


11 different Homefront Team shops graciously donated 15 FABULOUS prizes to our gift basket - including jewelry, stationary, household utensils, and more!

You can find specific details on each individual prize on the last blog post here:


Entries will be accepted from May 13th, 2013 until May 19th 2013.

{ ONE } winner will be randomly selected on May 20th, and will be notified immediately for shipping information.

The only people who can not enter this giveaway are current Homefront Team members.  
Other than those few, ANY ONE can enter!  So be sure to share this giveaway with all your friends and family!

Many will enter but only ONE will win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to stop by our wonderful sponsors and show your support!

And check out all the wonderful handmade items from all the Homefront Team members by searching "homefrontetsy" on Etsy!