Monday, May 13, 2013

Thank a Teacher Giveway - ENTER HERE

It's HERE!  It's HERE!

The anticipated Homefront Team "Thank a Teacher" Giveaway!


Leave a comment on THIS blog post answering this question:

" Who was your favorite teacher and why? "

This comment is mandatory to be entered into the drawing, but rest assured we will not judge you on your answers.  We just like to see what other people have to say and they you are paying attention!  (SPECIAL NOTE: If we don't see a comment from you on THIS blog post, your entries will NOT count!  So don't forget to answer the above question below.)

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For ANY of your entries to count (including the blog comment) you MUST click on the Rafflecopter doo-dad at the bottom of this blog post.


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You can find specific details on each individual prize on the last blog post here:


Entries will be accepted from May 13th, 2013 until May 19th 2013.

{ ONE } winner will be randomly selected on May 20th, and will be notified immediately for shipping information.

The only people who can not enter this giveaway are current Homefront Team members.  
Other than those few, ANY ONE can enter!  So be sure to share this giveaway with all your friends and family!

Many will enter but only ONE will win!

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Guinivere Norrington said...
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Alipurr said...

My 5th grade teacher was one of my favorite teachers. She was also my gifted and talented teacher and I remember reading all kinds of exciting books and doing fun things in her class

Bree said...

Mr Mac, my high school journalism teacher. He was previous Navy, and a part of the reason I ended up joining.

LilacAve said...

Mrs Dudzinski in 9th grade. She was my English teacher, and fighting cancer. She always wore beautiful scarfs and had such an beautiful way of teaching us literature and life lessons. I remember her telling us, that there were studies that laughter could cure ailments. That stuck with me more than she will even know.

Jessica Stone said...

My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Pearson was my favorite teacher because she made learning fun. We learned about fractions through cooking lessons (I still have the cookbook that we made at the end of the school year) and we learned about geography by taking walks to her house for pop-cycles.

Shelly Lewis said...

I'd like to enter on behalf of my son's Kindergarten teacher. She has been so kind and patient with my difficult 6-year-old while doing the same for 18 other ones! She has helped him develop his advanced intellect and he is now reading and doing math at a 2nd grade level! I would very much like to thank her! :)