About Us

Welcome To The Homefront!

The Homefront team was created to provide support to Etsy shop owners connected to the U.S. Armed Forces. Our members represent the Army, Navy, Air force, Marines and Cost Guard. 

Our team is as diverse as the military we are connected to. Homefront team members are located all over the world. We are active duty service members, dependents, retirees and veterans. We are men and we are women. We share a common bond. We are all involved with the support of our country and through this team each other.

Our team was established to support each other in the growth of our shops, our military lives and our families. 

We keep the homefires burning and our families together, no matter how far apart we are.


How to Join: 
Homefront Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

All members of this team are connected to our armed services: you must be a military spouse, active duty, veteran, or retiree of the US Armed Forces.

Your Etsy shop should be in active status. This means your shop must have a banner, the "about" section of your profile should filled out, and you must have at least ten items in your shop.

Contact:The Chameleons Attic

Team Page: Etsy Team Profile