Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Treasury Blitz

The Homefront Team put out a challenge to their members to make fun Easter-inspired treasuries featuring 10 specific Easter-related items: eggs, bunny, basket, cross, chocolate/candy, something pink, something yellow, chick, flowers, and something pastel.  Here are two of the treasuries that had the most favorites and comments; they won a $5 Gift Certificate for Etsy!

Light and airy Easter collection featuring Homefront Etsy members and accents in pastels.

Easter Egg Ornaments, Blue R...

Cross Town Clutch FREE SHIPP...

One dozen Easter Macarons

Tatted neutral wreaths set o...

Sunshine Yellow Rose Flower ...

Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

silhouette easter basket - b...

TEAL DAMASK, Baby Shoes, wit...

Milena - Little Easter Bunny...

Premade Easter Etsy Shop Set

Necklace, Gold Cross, Black ...

Lemon Squeezy Girls Dress Si...

Crochet Baby Mary Janes in P...

Miniature Carrot Vegetable t...

Yellow Floral Basket Plush V...

Easter Baby Chicks, yellow B...

Gramma Vedora Soap Company

Men's Cold Processed soap with spicy Mahogany fragrance

Items to spark your imagination (and appetite) for Easter!

Spring Fling Necklace - gree...

Ooey Gooey Brownie Cookie-Wi...

Crochet Applique - Pastel Fl...

WHITE Paisley, Baby Girl Sho...

Infinity bracelet - cross br...

Easter Egg Chick toy

Glass Rose Long Stemmed Flow...

Easter Egg Soap - Dozen Colo...

Lemon Squeezy Girls Dress Si...

Personalized Easter basket l...

Chocolate Fudge - Three Poun...

ON SALE NOW Sale Lsbv Little...

Amigurumi Crochet Pattern - ...

Lil Chicky Q ON SALE NOW

Rich Dark Chocolate Soap - A...

Monday, March 25, 2013

10 Things - 10 Reasons to Love Retirement

1.  More time to spoil the grandchildren.

2.  More time to spend with the better half.

3.  More time for hobbies.

4.  More time for community service.

5.  More time for friends.

6.  More time for travel.

7.  More time for good restaurants.

8.  More time for napping.

9.  More time for reading.

10.  No time for the boss.
And then you'll wonder where all the time went!

This week's 10 Things List was brought to you by Glen's Workshop.

Monday, March 18, 2013

10 Things - 10 Reasons to Blog about Your Etsy Shop

 1.  It’s fun.

2.  It Increases traffic. Links, tags, and comment on others blog posts can boost your online visibility. Networking is key in getting your name out there. The more social media you use, the better

3.  Show shoppers that you’re a real person and how unique you are as a shop owner.

4.  Build a stronger image of you, your product, and your Etsy shop.

5.  Provide that backstory of your item that you couldn’t fit in your product description.

6.  Become a better writer for product descriptions.

7.  Share your techniques and processes, show how much work, love, perspiration, and time that went into your work and the items for sale in your shop.

8.  Share other Etsy shops you like, this would link your blog with their shop, increase yours and there views, and hopefully lead to more sales. 

9.  Connect with like-minded people. You can learn about the people who like you, your product, and your blog, and it can help in terms of who your market is.
10.  As a form of earning a little extra income. This can range from advertising, reviews, and monetary donations to keep the blog alive or paid membership once you have the following.

This week's 10 Things was brought to you by Tea Rosie.