Monday, March 18, 2013

10 Things - 10 Reasons to Blog about Your Etsy Shop

 1.  It’s fun.

2.  It Increases traffic. Links, tags, and comment on others blog posts can boost your online visibility. Networking is key in getting your name out there. The more social media you use, the better

3.  Show shoppers that you’re a real person and how unique you are as a shop owner.

4.  Build a stronger image of you, your product, and your Etsy shop.

5.  Provide that backstory of your item that you couldn’t fit in your product description.

6.  Become a better writer for product descriptions.

7.  Share your techniques and processes, show how much work, love, perspiration, and time that went into your work and the items for sale in your shop.

8.  Share other Etsy shops you like, this would link your blog with their shop, increase yours and there views, and hopefully lead to more sales. 

9.  Connect with like-minded people. You can learn about the people who like you, your product, and your blog, and it can help in terms of who your market is.
10.  As a form of earning a little extra income. This can range from advertising, reviews, and monetary donations to keep the blog alive or paid membership once you have the following.

This week's 10 Things was brought to you by Tea Rosie.

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Jen said...

Jessica! Great info on blogging about your Etsy shop! Thanks so much for sharing