Monday, March 11, 2013

10 Things - 10 Reasons to Join Pinterest

10. Become a Creative Person - with all the craft ideas

9. Become an Interior Designer - with all the design ideas

8. Become a Jack of all Trades - tons of how-to's and tutorials on everything under the sun

7. Become a Renowned Chef - with all the recipes

6. Plan you Dream Vacation - with all the exotic places pictured

5. Be an Awesome Gift Giver - with all the gift ideas

4. Develop a positive attitude - (or at least a sense of humor) with all the inspirational quotes and sayings

3. Become a Fashionista - tons of beauty and fashion fun

2. Develop a new Love of animals - lots of animal pictures and clips

1. Become an excellent time manager - so you have more time for Pinterest!

This week's 10 Things was brought to you by BrankletsNBling

1 comment:

Guinivere Norrington said...

I ♥ Pinterest - but it's a time eating black never realize how much time you spend on it until it's too late :)