Saturday, February 28, 2009

H.E.A.R.T.- Team Charity Event

The Homefront Team is very excited to announce a charity event theywill be holding this year. Beginning on March 1st, various Homefrontmembers will be listing an item in their store for the event we arecalling "HEART". HEART stands for "Homefront Etsy Artisans ReturningThanks". Because we are a team of military spouses, we have chosen acharity that is near and dear to our hearts, The Fisher House. The Fisher House is an organization thatworks to support military families in the time of greatest need, byproviding a home away from home so that family members can be close totheir loved ones during the most stressful time during hospitalizationfor an illness, disease or injury. Starting on March 1st, buyers cando a search on Etsy for the tag "Homefront Charity" and see a list ofitems where 100% of the proceeds will be given to the Fisher House onJuly 1st of this year. We hope readers will help us to make our firstcharity event a successful one for this great cause.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Visual Merchandising Tips from 1MaddieAndMe

So, last week at Gingerly Dressed I was talking to my friend Ginger and asked her why one of her vendors did SO well while the rest of us are along the mediocre lines. Her response was enlightening and so I thought I'd share it with everyone.First, she said Molly has all her own displays, they are similar in color scheme and design no matter what shop you go in, people KNOW its a *Molly Said* product.
Second, she told me Molly's philosophy about keeping things stocked. I've been SO used to the internet way of only stocking things one at a time that I wasn't showing full stock there. It looked like slim pickings and who wants to purchase a product when there isn't a large variety? Ginger tells me that Molly's stocking philosophy is let them decide "which one do I want?", not "do I want one?" Ah HA! So, as you can tell, Molly is the one who is making all the profits while I am making sales, but not lots.
So here is the beginnings of the cabinet, how I found it and the current status of it:Yesterday, before going to the Foothills Fall Festival (where incidentally Molly's booth is packed with product AND customers) we stopped by a garage sale on my road. I walked up to them and said I know exactly what I need BUT have no idea what it is! They looked at me a little strange, but once I explained the dilemma of needing a display cabinet and not knowing if I need a wall hanging shelf unit, a free standing unit, or what they pointed me toward the other side of the driveway where the furniture is.TA DA! It was like a beam of light came down from the heavens and shown right on this old stereo cabinet! It had been marked 50% off already and she went down even more. For $22 I got a wood cabinet that was going to get a coat of paint and be ready to go... or so I thought.It started this dark mahogany wood color (as pictured on the still unpainted door), I picked up a can of kilz (paint primer) and a long handled yet narrow roller.

I knew this was going to not be a spray paint job as the shelves were too narrow to spray paint so with Maddie's "help" we started the fist coat of paint.After I took her to visit with her grandparents I did a second coat thinking "OK, that should do it." And now I've put three coats of KILZ primer on and am thinking that I need to go get some semi-gloss white to put over the primer.I plan to do the cabinet doors in the same shade green that "Mommy's" shirt is in my logo and put something to block the windows out (maybe a large print pic from each logo on the back of the glass) and keep the doors closed with that area as back stock. So, after the third coat I was sitting on my bum looking up and noticed that the shelves were screwed in and could have / make that CAN be removed. I am now thinking of removing those shelves (when the third coat is dry) and painting them the same green as the cabinet doors to make it more interesting. Also, I plan to ATTEMPT to stencil the shop name "Mommy's Little Helper" on the sides of the entire unit. Did I mention that I am very creative, but NOT so artistic? We'll see how this goes and I will post the final pictures of it when its complete as well as the ones of it in the shop and fully stocked. For now, back to it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Turn Your Radio On...

…your Blockhead Radio that is. This Saturday, February 14th, at 1:00 EST, the HOMEFRONT Teams from Etsy, 1000Markets, and HyenaCart will be featured on

What is Blockhead Radio? Blockhead Radio is an independent 24/7 live internet radio station. Their shows are centered around independent/self representing artisans. From the artist, to the musician, to the author, to the crafter: these shows help bring the talent and work of artisans to the collector and consumer. Blockhead Radio’s goal is to “Expose Artisans to the World.”

Who can participate? You can! Blockhead Radio is an interactive program that allows you to join in the conversation during the show. You will be able to chat with team members and other participants, ask questions and make comments about the interview and help promote the Homefront Team to the “BlogRadio” world.

How do you do it? Simple! On Saturday, February 14th, OR right now, visit to create a user name. This takes about 5-7 minutes total time between creating your user name and receiving your email confirmation. On the day and time of the show sign in with your user name and you will be ushered into the chat room. Just as a side note, when there are no live interviews being conducted, BlockheadRadio offers a jamming music program featuring independent music artists. Leave it on all day!

Please join Teri of TerisTreasure, Brandi of SmockNStuff , Emily of Ella-Bear Bowtique and the Homefront Team on Saturday, February 14th for BlockheadRadioLive

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Work Space at Home by TerryAnn

When I first started my little home based business, it was difficult to find space for my sewing machines, the computer and the shipping/wrapping supplies. It was all over the house, especially the computer stuff! I was always in there working away, missing out on the family stuff that was going on just down the hall. We have a "great" room that has the living area, dining area and the kitchen completely connected, not very fung shui, but very cozy for family relaxing and communication. We had this TV cabinet that was not being used for a TV.
I finally solved my "disconnect" by moving all my computer stuff in to it and rolling it right into the kitchen. I put my whole computer desk in this one space, with supplies and a cork board on the inside of the doors to pin important stuff. I put a keyboard drawer just under one of the shelves, and the printer fit in the bottom. I hang my computer glasses just inside. I have my favorite amiguri Kitty mascot on top of my computer tower to watch over me. Sometimes even my real kitty runs by...........
At bedtime or when we have visitors I simply close the doors and it is just a nice cabinet sitting along the wall in the kitchen. Then when I need to get to work I open the doors and roll up my chair. Organization is my middle name, and having it all in a central area so I can work and still bond with my family is the best of all possible outcomes! I hope my idea gives you ideas how to keep the home in home based business.

Terry Ann Wilson
Other Homefront Members Workspaces:

Lilac Ave Soy Candles
After making many wax rings in the kitchen microwave and on the counters, we moved it back into the guest room. It gives me room to make and store my inventory, and smells great!
Creations Anew
My desk & computer are where all my creative work is accomplished... hehe. I like the treadmill being in the office, it reminds me to take care of myself.

Monster Bug Blankets

I grew tired of toting my sewing machine out to the dining room table and back every time we needed to eat. We had this one little room we used as a library and I set up my sewing machine on an old German fest table in front of the windows--right in the sunshine!--and then slowly took over the rest of the room!

Geek Details

My Etsy store had really taken off over Christmas and it was difficult to go from closet to closet finding various items not to mention my house was disorganized and bothering me. I jokingly asked on the Homefront thread if I was weird for wanting to move it all to the big master bedroom and move our bed to the smallest room in our house. The HFT told me to go for it, I asked my husband and he agreed to try it.