Friday, March 25, 2011

Story Behind the (Shop) Name: Camelot's Treasures

Welcome Guinevere of Camelot's Treasures

Here is the story behind her shop name:

    I hate cliche's.  I really do.  However, ever since I was a little girl any imaginary land I made up was named Camelot.  Blame it on my mom, and her obsession with the 1967 movie Camelot starring Richard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave (she still insists if she had a second daughter her name would have been Vanessa).  She's the one that betrothed the name Guinevere to me at my birth.  Try spelling that name in kindergarten!

     After many years of getting used to the name, and shortening it to a more casual "Guin" I've realized that my name is a bit of an asset.  For instance, it's a great conversation starter.  I've learned that I NEED to stay away from Arthur's and Lance's for fear of relationship disaster.  It's a bit whimsy, mystery, and romance with a lot of historical elegance.  And me, being the opportunist that I am, absorb all the marketing ideology out of it that I can.

    Hence the name: Camelot's Treasures.  Little (and even some big) girls love stories of princesses, castles and knights in shining armor.  Camelot has all of that, and it possibly could have been a real place (to this day, there is no proof whether or not Camelot was simply a myth or a legend).  Although, I don't make too many medieval or historical outfits, I feel that my doll clothing and accessories inspire young girl's imaginations by being an outlet for their own fabulous stories of their own whimsical worlds.

    In Camelot, everyone's opinion was valued and listened to, and that's also how I like to run my business.  I appreciate hearing what my customers are asking and telling me; feedback is the best indicator of how well you are doing.  Many businesses big and little could definitely take a step back and utilize the roundtable idea, to become more successful in all aspects of their business.

    But mostly, I chose Camelot's Treasures because I liked it.  Yes, I admit it, it's cliche.  And sometimes I even envision myself as one of Camelot's treasures....
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Homefront Artistry Team said...

King Arthur, Camelot, of my favorite stories...
Great Post Guin...:)