Monday, March 7, 2011

Military Life...from a Spouse's Perspective: Crystal Hartung

The Military Brat Team and the Homefront Team are combining efforts to share our experiences with the military lifestyle so that others can fully understand the sense of community, sacrifices, benefits, and expectations we all share as members of a truly unique group of people. Each month we will feature a story shared by a Military Brat Team member, and a story shared by a Homefront Team member.

  This Feature is written by Crystal Hartung, shop owner of Crystal's Treasures

Military Life….
From a spouse’s perspective

First off, I’m an AF Wife and proud!  My husband was in the military when we met, and we have been together for over 10 years.

One of the hardest things to do is say goodbye to your spouse never knowing if they are coming back, and having to see the heartbreak on your children’s faces as the spouse walks out the door.

I become a single parent each time my spouse deploys.  The kids in school and their sports practices, working a regular job, and crafting all take time.  Then there is the home life of cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, clothes and necessity shopping, etc.  Sometimes it’s so hard, but then you get to talk to your spouse by phone, or Skype, and it all just washes away.  Nothing I have to do can be harder than what my spouse does.

Our spouses work every day to give us our freedom, and for that, I thank each and every spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.  One of the hardest jobs is to be a military wife, and we are STRONG!

Making jewelry for me has been a large outlet of energy for me.  I love it, and it’s not considered a job to me, but a vision of fun.  I love creating!

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A Nursing Reminder a.k.a. Jess said...

Great perspective, and you handle it all with such grace!!!

Crystal said...

I know we all can handle the things that come up with deployments, remote tours, etc.

I am only as strong as the support system around me....or, as being the support system for someone else.

I am married to a man in the AF, but am also a brat, and every generation in my family has someone either in now or in previously. My brother is the spouse, his wife is in the "Sandbox". Be supportive and be supported. :)