Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Creative HomeFires: Heather Mac Arts

Creative HomeFires is a series which highlights the value that creativity offers to family members of a deployed spouse/significant other.  We offer stories of the creative life and the beautiful benefits experienced during some of the most difficult seasons.

Let me introduce Heather Mac of Heather Mac Arts.  Here's her story:
Hi! I'm Heather Mac, a Floridian army wife who toughed out three years in Alaska and got three years in another place where it snows for my trouble. Ah, well. It may be way colder than I'm comfortable with, but sunsets over snow are beautiful! I have a husband, Chris, an almost-girlfriend, Fizzy, a huge family that's mostly in Florida, and no kids or pets (yet). :)

I love to crochet, and my round Knifty Knitters are a new toy that I haven't gotten tired of. I've made a zillion in the past couple of weeks, and before that was a scarf kick. 

Places to find Heather:

Thank you so much Heather for sharing your story! If you would like to submit a story for this series please contact us ("Contact" tab at the top of the blog) for consideration.   

Robin Norgren, Blog Coordinator

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Heather....Enjoy the post! :)