Friday, January 28, 2011

Shop Diagnostics: Ahoy Graphics

Shop Diagnostics is a series where we share tips coming from creative entrepreneurs who can run shops in light of adjustments brought on by military life YET APPLICABLE to all those interested in improving their shop's presence online and worldwide.

Let Me Introduce to you  Kristen Hodges
10 Creative Uses for Your Etsy Shop Avatar

If you sell on Etsy, then this article is a must read! Etsy sellers are always on the lookout for the next great use of that tiniest of tiny square. It your first impression of your shop when in chat rooms, forum threads, treasury comments, seller searches and on the new Etsy Team pages. No matter what you've been used to in the past, try spicing it up a bit and keep your buyers interested. Here are a few ideas for using your Etsy shop avatar:

1. Get festive and spotlight a key product that collates with the season or holiday. (probably the best way to promote your shop as buyers are enticed by what they see)

2. Spotlight your charity work and feature your participating product with the charity logo/name.

3. On Twitter and Facebook? Add icons of the two social media giants to the bottom of your avatar to let customers know that you are active, in touch, and available.

4. Handmade businesses are personal because you are the business, not to mention that customers love getting to meet the brainchild behind their favorite Etsy shop, so post a photo of yourself. (this has become my new personal fave, especially since the new search by name site feature and the Facebook profile photo option for shop avatars)

5. Shop name long? Create a small graphic to become the key element in your branding that can fit beautifully in that small space that will undoubtedly be recognized as you.

6. Hype up sales by letting your customers know what's new—not listings that are renewed or relisted but genuinely new items, customers love visiting active shops.

7. Show your buyers the hottest item in your shop and be sure to say something about it, too. Buyers aren't the best of mind readers... unfortunately, right?

8. New in town? Make your avatar the start of a conversation by greeting buyers with a greeting somewhere along the lines of "Hello, I'm new! How are you?"

9. Host repeating events on a particular day? Create a graphic for that event and replace your usual avatar with the event one on that day.

10. Is your twitter or blog's reader community far greater than your shops and those loyal readers are the bulk of your customers? Use your avatar to direct them to your blog or twitter and become involved with a graphic that asks them to follow you there.

Thanks Kristen for your tips! If you would like to contribute to this series, please contact us (Use the CONTACT tab at the top of the blog)

2 comments: said...

Enjoyed the tips...going to put some of those into action!
Thanks Kristin!

Robin Norgren said...

Point #9 is a FANTASTIC idea! Thanks Kristen.