Thursday, January 20, 2011

Creative Homefires: Left Circles Scrapbooks

Creative HomeFires is a series which highlights the value that creativity offers to family members of a deployed spouse/significant other.  We offer stories of the creative life and the beautiful benefits experienced during some of the most difficult seasons.

Let me introduce Karisa Hess of Left Circles Scrapbooks.  Here's her story:

Having been married to a Marine for 15 years and endured five long deployments, my craft has enabled me to keep my husband completely up to date with everything that’s going on here at home. Through scrapbooking, I have made him countdown calendars, cards, albums and gifts. He knows that I take a lot of time to choose something special for him to have and he has often told me that his favorite gifts are the ones I make for him with pictures of our family all together.


Scrapbooking also kept me busy during deployments as I took classes and taught other military wives how to make gifts for their spouses as well. Whenever I scrapbook personal photos, I get to relive the moment in which the photo was taken. My favorite photos are the ones in which my entire family is together. As military spouses, we are able to appreciate those moments and should keep these mementos close to our hearts.

Thank you so much Karisa for sharing your story! If you would like to submit a story for this series please contact us ("Contact" tab at the top of the blog) for consideration.   
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