Monday, January 10, 2011

HF Community: Monday Meet ups

Questions are a fun way to connect 
I LOVE questions
I hope you do too!

The 2nd and 4th (sometimes 5th) Monday of every month, watch this space for a few questions that you can take, post and answer on your blogs and THEN LINK BACK HERE so that we all can come around and visit.

This adventure is OPEN TO EVERYONE!  You DO NOT have to be a part of the Homefront Team.  We just ask that when you leave your link here, you TRULY have a post that pertains to the set of questions.

OK so....

You will meet the BRAINCHILD behind this series who will kick this off with her list of questions
January 24, 2011 


Mandy said...

I'll be there!

Robin Norgren said...

Hooray Mandy! me too!

LilacAve said...

Sounds fun! said...

Sounds fun...I'll bring the coffee!

Ahoy! Graphics said...

So fun! I'm so excited!

Hey Robin, I like mine with hazelnut ;)

Reyna Red - Wind Dancer said...

I'll bring the chai!

Angela said...

And I'll share my Diet Coke on the rocks!
This sounds fun and will help keep me involved.

Robin Norgren said...

very cool!so glad you guys like the idea!