Monday, January 31, 2011

First Quarter Team Challenge: Unconventional Valentine

For our first quarter team challenge, our topic was "unconventional valentine" to celebrate a different side of Valentine's day and to think outside of the box a little. We have been busy creating for the past few weeks, and have some great new listings to show for it. The best part of this challenge is that many items have combined our first quarter charity with this challenge, so if purchases are made from this list of amazing items, a portion of those purchases will go towards charity. Our charity is one that is close to our hearts. It is the USO. The USO is a key player in the lives of military service members and their families. They provide a myriad of services to the armed forces communities, and keep us going in hard times. So please help us support the USO by searching "USO charity" in the search engine on etsy to find the various items we have handcrafted and placed for sale.

Without further ado, here are our amazing team challenge entries!

First up, we have Sarah Geraci of scgeraci
Show someone just how valuable you think they are this season with a most fanciful scarf to frame their face.

Valentine's Day is for making girls feel pretty, and special, and this one of a kind neck warmer does that.

Next up, we have Heather Strickland of TheNaturesThread
This set of 4 white minky washcloths feel uber soft and yummy against the skin. These make a wonderful unconventional Valentine’s Day gift for that special person in your life.

Heather Strickland also worked on an item to enter from her other shop, HeatherStrickland
A personalized embroidered handkerchief with a short saying of your choice makes a wonderful and thoughtfully unconventional Valentine’s Day gift. Let that special person in your life know how much you truly and deeply care and love them. This listing is for one handkerchief. You have a choice from either a man’s or ladies white handkerchief.

Our next entry is from Tori of vcarolcreations
An unconventional Valentine necklace made from pink and black wool felt. This cute little 'broken' heart is a perfect anti-Valentine or just unconventional statement piece.

Up next, we have Leah Butler of winddancerdesigns
Beautiful sweetgrass (Hierochlöe odorata) from the plains of Canada is a very sweet and soothing scent. A subtle vanilla-like scent blended with the spicy scent of incense cedar (Calocedrus decurrens) from Oregon. Perfect to scent drawers, clothes closets, linens, guestrooms, winter clothes, etc.

Our next entry is from Jessica of ruralinspirations
A little naughty, a little nice, this black ribbon (with silver-plated lobster clasp) necklace features a pendant of a sunshine-yellow heart cabochon with cascading beads of black and a red heart.

The next challenge entry is by Amy of Amy305
I recently became addicted to "The Walking Dead" on AMC and that show was a huge inspiration for the art quilt that I created. This quilt is made with shades of deep blood red, black, and shades of neon and sickly green.

Up next, we have Celia of HomemadeZen
What a unique way to express your love! This set of crocheted amigurumi mobile is made up of one large cloud amigurumi and 3 little crocheted hearts "showering" down to your loved one.

Our next entry is from Robin of CreationsAnew
A set of six 4x5 flat notecards featuring my Heart Healthy Photograph of a pair of athletic shoe and it's laces.

Up next, we have Deb of LilacAve
I thought the "un-romantic" scent name and the teal color story, sort of goes against the norm of roses, pink, and red. However, it is undeniable that this glass heart hand me down, candy dish, with a gorgeous teal candle, and the complimentary valentine card, isn't a lovely valentine to give or receive.

The next entry is from Miranda of Culinarychiqconcepts
This creamy soy candle features the mouthwatering scent of, you guessed it, PIZZA!!! Pizza lovers everywhere will appreciate the scrumptious aroma of fresh tomato sauce, Italian herbs and spice, luscious cheeses and a crispy crust.

Our next entry is by Rebecca of SubmarineParade
Are you deeply in love with a man who drives a Submarine? I am.

This print makes a fun little gift for yourself or for your favorite US Navy Submarine Wife.

Up next is by Cassandra of HeartmadeCreations
I cannot send my Hubs anything sweet or overly exciting for Valentines this year because he is currently doing his AIT training. He carries around this little love voodoo doll (the ones from Hallmark) and that is great, but it is bulky and well I didn't make it. So, I thought of something perfect.... a soft fabric hard, decorative stitching and hand stitched lettering. :0) He can wear it in his pocket and keep us near him at all time. My son and I held it for hours just filling it with all of our love.

Our next entry is from Sharon of SHAbang
This black hematite heart frame and smaller heart were re-purposed from another necklace. A small red bead was added to give some color. The smaller heart also spins.

The next entry is from Tamara of HeartfeltCreativity
The door charm is called a fairy wish door because the door actually opens and you can leave a little note or wish in there. The door has a small magnet on the inside which keeps it closed.

The next entry is by 5280yarns
A lovely wristband hand knit in variegated yarn encircled by 3 pure white hearts. Measuring 3 1/4 inches tall and 2 3/4 inches in diameter, this simple cuff design gives a splash of lively color to any casual wardrobe.

Up next we have Jennifer of jenharruff
Ah cupcakes...what's not to love about a sweet cupcake with a pretty cherry on top that has absolutely zero calories?

Our next entry is from Jarita of Jaritascreations
A touch of elegance, a bit of romance, a lot of Victorian style, and a timeless appeal blend into a handcrafted birdhouse. This sweet and romantic birdhouse possesses a classy style with a modern touch.

Our next entry is from Christina of CreationsbyChristina
The knitted hat was made with 100% acrylic yarn in red and white (one strand of each color). There are two heart-shaped pom poms attached to the hat with hand-plaited yarn "tails". Flat and unstretched, the height is approximately 8" (excluding the pom pom tails) while the width is approximately 10".

The next entry is from Maredith of CoronaDelMareDesigns
I created this item as juxtaposition for the different aspects of the emotions related to the idea of love. The positive aspect is demonstrated by the vibrant red, the color of love and the clean white, the color of purity. The negative aspect comes from the black representing the sadness felt from loss or lack of love. The swirls in the surrounding loops depict the mixture of all of these emotions that love evokes. Finally, the peek-a-boo heart ribbon reminds us that everyone is capable of love and worthy of being loved.

Good luck to our contestants!


Homemade Zen said...

So many lovely entries! Can't wait to see who win!

Heartmade Creations said...

Darn, I guess my entry today didn't make it? I finally got it up in my shop today. I'm glad to see my little love token up. :0)

I still really love the little cloud raining the hearts. Too cute! :0)

Sara Rubendall Design Studio said...

This is SUCH a fun idea, I am loving it! I can't wait until the next one so I can add an entry too:)

Daph said...

Amy305 has my vote:)

Sarah C. Geraci said...

I love those hankerchiefs and the heart voodoo. Great job everyone.

Mary said...

So many beautiful things to choose from! We have a talented group!