Saturday, January 22, 2011

HF Feature Series: When Creativity Strikes, You'll Be Ready - Part 2

This 3 part Feature series is presented by Brittany Wende of BW Silver Jewelry

         Looking for a project to stay busy? Exploring the possibility of starting a creative business?   You’re headed in the right direction!  There are so many things that are available at your fingertips and can be delivered right to your door or found out in town.  Here are some projects to consider along with helpful websites, stores and resources for you to find what you need to get started…

Learn Calligraphy: This seems random, but actually it can be a profitable skill to have.  People pay good money for calligraphers to do their wedding invitations, etc.  By learning how to do it well, you can benefit from making a little extra money on the side with your ever growing military friends and families. You can find a starter kit at and begin the learning process.

Get Beading: Michael’s Crafts, Wal-Mart, and of course Hobby Lobby again, has all the beading supplies you’ll need to get started making your own bling.  But, try out these other online shops to help you get started: Etsy ( has oodles of beading supply sellers that have great deals!  They don’t do the commercial mark up like most companies do, and the shipping can sometimes be cheaper.  Also try or to find affordable and chic beads, clasps, wire and more.  Make your own earrings or bracelets and you can even forge silver to make cuffs or rings and swirly pendant designs.  I think you’ll be surprised how addicting and fun it can be!

     Remember that happiness depends on you. It’s ok to be sad when your spouse is away, but it’s healthy to have a creative distraction or hobby to keep your mind churning and motivated.  You can learn new things every day and turn your craft into a profitable business or cherished item.  Whatever the case may be, keep your head high and your hands busy.  Get the kids involved too, they will love the projects and making those memories together will be priceless!

Thank you Brittany! If you have an idea for Saturday tutorials, please contact us via the Contact tab at the top of the blog.

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Great reminder to stretch out of our comfort zone!