Saturday, January 15, 2011

HF Feature Series: When Creativity Strikes, You'll Be Ready - Part 1

This 3 part Feature series is presented by Brittany Wende of BW Silver Jewelry

        Looking for a project to stay busy? Exploring the possibility of starting a creative business?   You’re headed in the right direction!  There are so many things that are available at your fingertips and can be delivered right to your door or found out in town.  Here are some projects to consider along with helpful websites, stores and resources for you to find what you need to get started…

Sewing:  By hand or machine, this is a great way to get crafty.  You can make drapes, pillows, bags, even baby clothes.  I’ve seen so many cute patterned baby bags and purses that are surprisingly easy to make.  Need supplies?  If you can’t make it to your local fabric store try these sites: Overstock ( has different sewing kits to choose from with all the supplies you’ll need at a very low cost.  You can also purchase patterns to make fun purses and bags at and find endless amounts of fabrics at Their prices and deals are awesome! You can also search for very affordable beginners’ sewing machines on, but you local Wal-Mart or fabric store should also have them too.

Make a T-shirt Quilt:  This website has free instructions on how to get started making your very own t-shirt quilt: Ragged old tees that you can’t bear to part with is a perfect way make a lasting keepsake.  If your hubby has a ton of battalion, company or even college tees he never wears, this makes for an excellent start in creating a functional “scrapbook” of old t-shirts. Great for old baby clothes or kids tees too.   Find the thread you need at your local JoAnn’s Fabrics (, Hancock Fabrics (, or even Wal-Mart’s that still have a fabric section (

Like to Paint? Or course Michael’s ( and Hobby Lobby ( have all the paints, canvases and brushes you might need to get started.  But, if you are living in a rural area or can’t get to a local art supply store, here are some online art supply shops that are just as good, and deliver right to your door: has everything from paints to pasta machines and at great prices too!  Amazon of course has it all, if you search “drawing kits” or “painting kits” on there are so many to choose from to get you started.

Remember that happiness depends on you. It’s ok to be sad when your spouse is away, but it’s healthy to have a creative distraction or hobby to keep your mind churning and motivated.  You can learn new things every day and turn your craft into a profitable business or cherished item.  Whatever the case may be, keep your head high and your hands busy.  Get the kids involved too, they will love the projects and making those memories together will be priceless! 

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Sarah C. Geraci said...

For those that are interested is a great place for supplies, and selling (obviously)

Robin Norgren said...

for sure sarah! it was my 'go to' place to shop when I was overseas