Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who's Who - Homefront Style

Every week, the Homefront Team would like to introduce you to one of the crafty members of our team.  These wonderful men and woman are the foundation to our supportive community and we would love for you to support their small businesses!

Bright and Round Rag Rug
25 Fall Holiday Tea Gift Samplers

Shop Name: The Chameleons Attic and Dancing Bears Tea House.
What do you sell: TCA Hand knotted rag rugs/vintage finds and other recycled treasures DBTH custom blended loose leaf teas
Real Name: Patricia Oliver
Branch of Service: Army
Who's in Service: Hubs
Duty Station: Hubs is stationed at Ft. Carson but I live in Denver
Family: Hubs, myself, our son (9) and Princess Roxi (my son's black lab)
Where to find you: shop FB shop FB
An interesting bit of information about you: I've been dumpster diving! I love finding treasures weather it's an antique shop or auction, a thrift store or junk shop and even on the side of the road and in a dumpster. 

Be sure to check out all of the lovely Homefront Team shops by searching "homefrontteam" on Etsy.


Jen said...

Great shop!! Love your rugs!! My hubby is also Army!

Camelot's Treasures said...

Dumpster Diving?! Ha, that is one thing that I've never done myself. Well unless you count the handful of times that I had to go through a trash bin for a treasure...including toys and KEYS! Thanks for sharing with us, P!