Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who's Who - Homefront Style

Every week, the Homefront Team would like to introduce you to one of the crafty members of our team.  These wonderful men and woman are the foundation to our supportive community and we would love for you to support their small businesses!
Settlers of Catan Expansions Merchant Figurine

Shop Name: Epicycle Designs
What do you sell: I sell things that help people have fun! My shop is full of custom board game pieces, accessories, tokens, and jewelry items. Most everything is for German-style board games like Settlers of Catan, Agricola, and Carcassonne. I keep a few individual miniatures around too.
Real Name: Tabitha
Branch of Service: Navy
Who's in Service: My hubby, Brett.
Duty Station: NAS Whidbey Island, WA
Family: It's just me and my husband -- we've been married about two years.
Where to find you: My Etsy store can be found at, and my Facebook page is
An interesting bit of information about you: I do a lot of other things besides polymer clay art, too: I’m an avid bread baker, a runner, a road-biker, a triathlete (I did my second just a few weeks ago), and a Nutella-eater. I believe in Jesus as my personal Savior, and am involved with women’s ministries at my church. Oh, and I like Star Trek a lot, too.

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Getting Hooked said...

Love getting to know other sellers! This is a great interview, thanks for sharing :)

Sue said...

Love your clay figurines. Thanks for sharing!

Epicycle Designs said...

Thanks, guys! Getting Hooked, I really combed over your shop yesterday -- super cool stamps. I'd looked at them before, but really looked at them yesterday. Very neat.
And Sue, thank you! If I had dogs you bet they'd be wearing one of your neckerchiefs!

Robin Norgren said...

I love your work Epicycle!