Monday, January 25, 2010

Must-Have Monday: Reporting for Duty

Being a military family means that you may have to move. A lot. So this Must-Have Monday is paying tribute to things that are definitely on the list of things helping the move seem a bit less "impersonal."

Military Love necklace with patriotic ribbon charm and heart dogtag from ArmyChic4Life.

You can share your love for your military ties with the world, wearing this fashionable necklace - good at anyhome and showing support of the men and women who support REAL dog tags to support our freedom!

Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave Army Navy Air Force Marines Primitive Wood Sign from SawdustNStitches.

Easy to add to any wall, this sign can be the first thing up in your new home.

Caribbean Holiday Palm Wax Square pillar Candle 3 x 6 from SmokeyMountainScents.

Moving can take a lot of any person, but military moving is above and beyond the norm. One should always have nice, relaxing candles to light to help relieve stress from the move. And in the off chance that the movers don't get there on time, it's great for light!

Love photo album from PaperonParade.

With family and friends all over the country, and even the world, it's imperative to have a nice place to keep all of them close to us.

Business Card Holder/Fabric ID Luggage Tag from Camp Cupcake Designs.

Long flights to new destinations, including hauling loads of luggage. This ID tag is a great way to help you find your loot in the mass of grey and black.

Very Modern Thanks 4 pack from MrsDStahl.

Sometimes it gets old sending the same old, Wal-Mart purchased "We've moved" Cards. Jazz up this move with a pretty custom-designed set, or even send out a "Thanks" to those you are leaving.

No matter where we end up in this life, there will always be someone there if we keep our mind and hearts open.

Want to see some more great finds from the Homefront Team? Just search "homefront team" on Etsy!


A Nursing Reminder a.k.a. Jess said...

Oh I how I dread moving! This is such a fantastic collection! I love all of them...

PaperOnParade said...

Great selections! Thank you for including my photo album! Very much appreciated!

armychic4lyfe said...

Thank you for including my necklace! Much appreciated! :D

Heather said...

Thanks for including my luggage tags...we just moved for the first time and are NOT looking forward to it in another year! Great collection...

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