Monday, February 1, 2010

Featured Artist - Jenharuff

Welcome February, a month full of president's birthday's and of course expression of love. I don't think Washington and Lincoln mind sharing their month with the showering of our undying devotion to those close to our hearts. So this month, the Homefront Team's featured artist's theme is the HF shops we ♥.

First up this month is Jennifer from Jenharuff, home to some an awesome collection of aprons, dolls, and bags (I've ♥'d quite a few myself); plus some really great pin-up inspired item pictures that really give some pizzaz to her shop!

Tell us a little about yourself:
I have always been into arts and crafts. My mother and my grandmother exposed me to a great many mediums, such as sewing and painting. I learned to love other artforms from school, and since then, I have always loved to work with my creative side. My favorite medium to work with is sewing. I wanted really badly to sew like my mom and my sisters, so she gave me a dull needle and some scraps to keep me happy, and I would sew up my own shoes and purses. I am glad she never let me wear my flimsy little shoes, but I am more grateful that she encouraged me to make what I wanted.
I met my husband when I was 19, and we have move all around the world and the US for his job. He is in the air force, and we were both military brats, so moving around has been something we are just used to. I always wanted to learn how to design clothing, so I taught myself as much as I could from books and experimentation. I never dreamed that I would be able to have a way to sell what I designed because I had no proper training, but it never stopped me from creating. One day, a good friend suggested that I should sell what I sew, and for the first time in my life, I took a risk and signed up for a bazaar. To my surprise, I was able to sell quite a few of my creations! That same friend suggested etsy, so I opened an account to get to know how things work. At the end of June last year, I decided to take another risk and open a shop. So far it has been a rewarding environment, and the best decision I made last year! I signed up to be a team member of the Homefront team, and with their encouragement, I have gained confidence in my abilities, friendships that I cherish, and knowledge about how to help my shop progress. I am truly grateful for all of my blessings from this amazing and talented team!

What do you love about Etsy?
I love that etsy has so many amazing artists and crafters to choose from. Before I discovered etsy, I hardly knew of anyone who made handmade goods that were quality items. I really enjoy browsing through the categories to see what some talented etsians have created. I also really love that other people appreciate my work enough to buy it. I never thought that I would be able to sell anything I designed, although it has always been my passion.
What is your favorite item in your shop?
My favorite item listed in my shop is probably my Adana Lingerie Inspired Apron. I love the way the unexpected colors work together so well, and how the gold in the lace really shimmers.

What marekting tool do you LOVE to use or LOVES you the most (you generate sells from)?
My favorite marketing tool is by facebook. I can show all of my friends and family what I have been making, and it has been very kind to me as far as sales go. It is also a great tool for feedback on my items. I can ask people their honest opinions about my product, and I can change the things that don't work for my customers and improve my products.

What Etsy stores do you LOVE?
My favorite etsy shops are definately LilacAve, her candles are really amazing. I am addicted to them! I also really love preciouspatterns because their patterns are sweet and simple, and really easy to make. I am also in love with the crochet patterns of hollanddesigns. I have made a few slippers from her patterns, and look forward to browsing through her shop. And littledearies has a collection of some of the sweetest baby items I have found, and she has really affordable prices!
If you could go back to ANYTIME in history on Valentine's Day, who would you ask to be your valentine?
If I could go back to anytime in history on Valentine's Day, I would ask my husband to be my valentine before we ever met, while he was in high school. I think it would have been nice to have met him much sooner in my life.
Check out all the great items in Jennifer's shop, Jenharuff, and all the great sellers on Homefront Team on Etsy, for your Valentine's Day shopping! Just search "Homefront Team" on Etsy!


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Hi great post but I couldn't ge ther shop to come up.

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Great write up. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. Just can't get the shop link to come up and there is no web address listed to do it manually.

LilacAve said...

Thanks for mentioning my shop Jen! So great to hear about you!

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What a wonderful article! Thanks, Jennifer for sharing and to the reporter:)!!!