Monday, January 18, 2010

Featured Artist - CLeeDesigns

Our second featured artist for January is Carrie Lee from CLeeDesigns. Carrie Lee has been a member of Etsy since May of 2006, and has an eclectic mix of crafty creations in her store.

Tell us a little about yourself:
My name is Carrie Lee, and my husband is now retired Navy after more than 24 years served. We have two grown children, daughter 21, and son 24 and two doxies, Peanut & Guinness. ;o) Currently we are living in MD, until my husband finishes his second career and then who knows where we will land.

When did you start selling on Etsy?
Started my shop on May 14, 2006 and listed a few things the same day.

When did you make your first sale?
I believe it was within a couple of weeks that I made my first sale. I remember being surprised that it happened as fast as it did.

How did you find Etsy?
I believe I found Etsy from someone mentioning it on one of the Yahoo groups I'm a member of and the discussion was on alternatives to selling on eBay.

What makes Etsy different and/or better than other online shop communities?
I like Etsy for their fee structure and lenght the listing is live. They also seem to do a fair amount of advertising for Etsy as a whole, then folks can come find what they want while there.

When you’re an Etsy shopper, what are things you look for in a seller before you purchase?
I tend to look more at the item, how it seems to be made, quality, etc. I do check the feedback of the seller prior to buying but I've haven't been burned by an Etsy seller.

What has kept you on Etsy for so long?
I actually do more customs than selling of items from my shop! LOL I like being able to keep an eye on the customs section and bidding on items. I've made some customs from folks coming across my shop and sending a note asking if I could make this or that for them. I actually do enough custom work on and off Etsy that I'm finding it rough to find time to stock my shop!

It's so great to find that so many wonderful sellers on Etsy have been around for awhile, and we have a handful of them right on the Homefront Team! They are definitely a great resource for when newer sellers might need a little pick-me-up or advice on shop keep!

Check out all the great Homefront Team members, new and old, by typing in "homefront team" at Etsy!


PaperOnParade said...

What an excellent article! It helps strenghten my bond as Homefront members! Congrats to CLeeDesigns! Thanks to the organizers:)

Team Homefront said...

Awesome!!! CleeDesigns what a wonderful shop and we love having you as part of our team!

Lana said...

Carrie Lee.... YAY!!! Excellent shop... Congrats on the feature.. You deserve it!

caseywashere said...

Congratulations Carrie Lee! Your shop is so cute. :)

KreatedByKelly said...

Carrie Lee is one of the most caring and honest people I know. Her loving dedication to her family extends to almost every person whose life she touches. She just seems to wrap everybody up in her warmth *smiles* I am so happy to see the exposure to her shop here!!