Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who's Who - Homefront Style

The Rosie Tee - Fitted tee featuring Rosie Riveter

Shop Name: BravoTangoTees
What do you sell: At Bravo Tango, we make that shirt that you reach for when you know you’re going to have an awesome day. Whether you are showing off your pride as a military spouse, your fight against adversity, your love for charity or your tenacious female spirit, Bravo Tango has the shirt for you. We create all of our designs in house – or with the help of guest designers. They are as unique as our customers, and each one is a work of American made art. Our printing is done by professional screen-printers.When you grab a tee-shirt and pull it on, it should give you comfort and confidence. As soon as our 100% cotton, super soft material touches your skin, you will be ready to tackle the day, asserting your personal pride through our chic designs.
Real Name: Becky Litton and Tammy Munson
Branch of Service: Becky (active duty navy wife), Tammy (veteran Army wife)
Who's in Service: Our Husbands
Duty Station: Becky - Washington State, Tammy - Iowa
Family: Our Bravo Tango family includes, our two witty and wonderful husbands, our four spirited daughters (we have two each), a crazy golden retriever, an enormous Saint Bernard, a sweet black mutt and a couple of large cats.
Where to find you:
An interesting bit of information about you: For years as military wives, we strove to carve out meaningful careers for ourselves between moves, deployments and babies – Becky as a graphic designer and Tammy as a social media consultant. Then one day our paths crossed through a mutual client and the inspiration flew. With a shared vision for our families, careers and wardrobe, we rolled up our sleeves in the spring of 2011 and created our own Bravo Tango! Now we have a line of patriotic couture tees we are so very proud of!

Candy Corn, Amigurmi, Crocheted

I opened my shop February 19, 2009 and then let it sit, for almost a year! The Crochet Lady sat there very patiently waiting for me to get the courage up and start posting some of my items for sale. Finally I took the leap and started posting.
Many years ago I taught myself how to crochet from a book. As time passed and I got better with the crochet, I started to give away some of the items. People always said “you should sell your work!” My husband always called my crocheting “that knitty thing you do”. I looked at as my therapy. We are a military family. There have been numerous long deployments and the crochet was my therapy for me after the kids were in bed at night. I would stay up and work on the current project. Crochet is calming to me and I could concentrate on that and escape from the daily worry of deployment.
So now my kids are growing into nice young adults and I have more free time to devote to my craft of crochet. I spend time looking for and researching for just the right pattern and quality threads. I enjoy crocheting and working on beautiful patterns. And this is how The Crochet Lady came to be!

PS. When I was setting up The Crochet Lady on Etsy, I inadvertently entered my username…HHSIX as the shop name and now I am known as both!

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Sue Runyon said...

Great shops! Thanks so much. I love reading about them.

The Chameleons Attic said...

I love to see these "Who's Who" posts.

The Crochet Lady said...

Thank you for the feature article! This is truly a great honor! I love reading the blog! Thank you for all the hard work you put into this blog for The HomeFront Team!