Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NMSN Military Spouse Employment Summit

The National Military Spouse Network is the pre-eminent networking, mentoring and professional development organization committed to the education, empowerment and advancement of military spouses.  Tiffany Silverberg, a representative for the NMSN, wanted to share with the Homefront Team and all military spouses, a great oppurtunity to take a part in, helping introduce or re-introduce the military spouse to the workforce.  She states "It's the first of its kind to focus on professional, modern spouses and their portable careers." 

The following information is for the summit coming up this November in Fairfax, Virginia.

As military spouses - we are independent, self-sustaining, self-established. But we also know when we need each other.

As military spouse business owners, connections are the foundation of our business. Networking is a critical exponent. One connection can lead to another. One person who needs a gift can lead to another with a boutique that will carry your products. A buyer to a seller.

Sometimes the connections aren’t as obvious. We discover an inspiring friend from another genre or a collaborator for a project. We find someone who has accomplished more to give us guidance or is just starting out and needs some advice. Sometimes you meet someone who needs someone you know.

The National Military Spouse Network summit is the first conference of its kind – that brings together military spouse professionals and employment experts to discuss careers of all kinds – from small businesses to portable jobs. Sessions include Entrepreneurship – hosted by the owner of the award-winning Chic Envy Consignments in Fairfax, VA.

The conference will be held November 3-4, at the Fairfax Marriot, in Fairfax, VA. Cost is only $73! Learn more at

Whether you attend this conference or another like it, I encourage you to look for those opportunities to connect. Businesses grow on the foundation of networks. They expand through webs of natural relationships. Don’t let networking become a stressful business pitch – build friendships and watch your shop thrive!


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Good info. Thanks!

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AH, Come to Los Angeles and I am so there! This is great. :0)

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