Monday, November 2, 2009

Happenin' HOW TO's: Easy Applique

Probably one of the easiest and most versatile craft projects you can do is to do an easy applique on fabric. The fabulous thing about Applique is that you can customize it to fit whatever it is you are wanting to make....Say you want to make a fabulous Holiday Tea can totally do it....A Beautiful Butterfly T-shirt for your daughter....easy peasy lemon squeezy!

This is a Fun, Fast and Easy Tutorial on how to make your own applique for any occasion!

Before you Begin, You'll Need the Following Items:

Fusible interfacing of your choice -- I use double-sided fusible web
Computer/printer (or you could draw your design freehand)
Water soluble fabric marker
Fabric scrap
Item you wish to Applique - Towel, T-shirt, Onesie, etc

I highly recommend prewashing all fabrics before working with them. Not prewashing could lead to pulling and puckering later!

1. Step One - Pick Your Design

Google Images or clip art is a good place to start looking if you aren't wishing to do a free hand piece. If you are looking for letters, you can either use your font types on your word program, or you can google: Alphabet Coloring pages, which has some good easy examples.

Print image in the size you would like to use!

You can also just be creative and do it freehand....which I think makes some pretty fabulous appliques!

Draw the design you would like to use. I like to use heavy weight paper or cardstock to help keep it from bending.

Cut out your desired design for your template.

2. Step 2 - Transfer Design

Now take your template and trace the design onto the double sided fusible webbing. Make sure you trace on the sticky side of the webbing. (the sticky side will stick to paper when peeled back). Cut Out a Square around your new template. Peel one side of paper back and place sticky side on WRONG side of your fabric scrap.

Cut Out your design again!

3. Step 3 - Finishing

Attach your applique to your base fabric (tshirt, towel etc) make sure you play first so you know where you want it. Once you have it in the desired location, use a hot iron and press down for 10-15 seconds until it is firmly bonded.

Now you will finish by sewing around the edges of your applique. You can use either a straight stitch or zigzag stitch. I prefer zig-zag for durablilty and style!

Once you are done sewing, re iron your garment/piece and voila! You have a fabulous Appliqued Piece!

This Happenin' How To: was taught by Noah Baby Boutique: An adorable shop that creates Sassy and Chic Items, for Sassy and Chic Babies and Tots!


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great post, and great instructions. it does look easy! great job!

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