Friday, March 6, 2009

How An Etsy Shop Is Born by lyneya

Just a quick word of introduction...I'm a working mom of a two year old boy. It was in the interest of providing him with safe and beautiful playthings that I ventured into the crazy world of etsy and opened my own little shop, Lyneya's Toys. I firmly believe in creating well rounded little men and providing a variety of house-play toys and dolls to nurture.

Walker's corner

Boys are NOT the same as girls and never will be. But little boys grow up to be fathers and husbands and need to learn the same house-keeping and parenting skills through pretend play. So I set off to find my son a buddy to take care of. I finally found a style I liked, but they were all adorable little girl dolls. I set out to make my own and loved the process! I had so much trouble finding a contemporary little boy doll that I liked, that I decided to make a few extra before Christmas and see how they did! Turns out...other mamas out there wanted boy dolls! And my shop was born.

blond doll

Every doll I send out to another little boy makes me smile. I know that his new buddy is destined for fun adventures. There might not be a lot of tea parties and princesses in its future, but if their new homes are anything like our house, there will be trains to conduct, jungles to explore, and farms to run. And everything is more fun with a buddy!!

2 little velour babies!

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nikid said...

I love your dolls! I have 2 boys myself and with my oldest searched high and low and never found a doll he or I liked. My 2 year-old loves, "babies" and I think one of your little guys would fit right in!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Niki! If you see anything similar to what you'd like, just let me know! :) Some of my favorite projects have been special requests!

Teri's Treasures said...

This is such a cute post, your items are adorable and your presentation was perfect! Thanks for this post lyneya! said... are so right boys/men nurture and parent different than girls/'s so important to learn those skills....
Love the post
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Julie said...

I just love your shop Lyneya! My son is 15 now I wish there were more toys like this when he was younger! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone! It's easy to write about my obsessions. :P