Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Etsy Treasury Tips and Tricks

The Homefront Team will be featuring several articles in the next few months, concentrating on building skills for a successful Etsy business.  Last week, Guin from Camelot's Treasures shared some helpful tips on running a successful Etsy Business. Here is the next installment:

Making a Treasury for Etsy is a great way to promote your team mates or your favorite shops.  It is your handpicked gallery of great shopping trends on Etsy.  Treasuries are also a great way for you to network yourself and your shop to more people gaining your shop more views and potential sales.  Here are some tips to really make your Treasuries look great and get maximum “hotness”

First of all, when making a treasury you need to have a theme in mind.  If you are trying to get on the front page, that theme needs to be of an upcoming holiday or season, or this season’s in-style colors. 

Second, choose items with excellent photos that are pleasing to the eye.  This great picture is from AnotherCup.  This photo is bright with a great pop of color and then item is showcased in an appropriate background.  Be sure that the items you pick for your treasury are diverse in all categories.  Etsy rarely puts a treasury on the Front page that has only one category of items.  Make sure the items you choose all go well together and complement each other.  You have to make it beautiful.  Your first two rows have to be the best as that is what is shown in the activity feed and will attract others to favor your treasury. 

Third, title and tag your treasury appropriately.  Just as you ensure that you tag all of your products, you must also tag your treasury.  Treasuries that make the front-page are there for a reason, if you don’t tag your treasury appropriately, then it’s not as easily found.  People looking to buy something on Etsy can search treasuries to get a lot of great ideas all at once.  If you tag your treasury well, they can search through your treasury using specific tags and your treasury may encourage sales for your handpicked shops!  You should also include your team tag in the treasury tags.

Finally, you must promote, promote, promote.  Treasuries are not meant for self promotion, but to promote others.  If making a treasury for your team, it’s a good idea to put a little over half the items from shops on your team and the remainder from other shops to get more visibility to your team. First notify those whom you included in your treasury so they can heart, comment, and promote your treasury further.  Promote your treasury on your Facebook page, Twitter, Blog, Pinterest – any and all accounts you have.  If you are in multiple teams, promote your treasury across teams.  You can even join a specific treasury team for even more exposure.  The more hearts and comments you treasury collects, the more “hotness” points it will receive. 

Here are a couple of great Etsy apps to help you make and promote your treasury.  Schmetsy is an excellent tool for both making treasuries and also informing those you have featured that they are included in your treasury.  Schmetsy has a tool called the treasury maker which allows you to work on a treasury and save it for later if you are not finished (which you cannot do in Etsy).  Schmetsy also has a “convo sender” tool which will automatically send a convo to everyone included in your treasury so they can favorite, comment, and promote it as well.   Another great new tool for creating treasuries and to use anytime is the Saved Item Stash.  This app comes from the SavedItemStash team on Etsy and it adds a bar at the bottom of your Etsy screen which allows you to drag and drop items from shops and searches and save them for later use.  You can then drag them from that bar right into your treasury screen when you are ready to create your treasury – very easy!

I hope you found this article useful and informative.  Treasuries are a great tool for both team and self promotion.  They are also a fun way to showcase some of your favorite items from other shops.  Have fun with them!!

This article was written by Jennifer McKinnie, owner of BrankletsNBling.  You can find her on  her business page of FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Blogspot.

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