Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Featurette

Who doesn't love a great holiday, where jewelry and chocolate are the most presents given?  
This year, the Homefront Team set up a fun challenge for it's members to make as many Valentine's Day inspired treasuries for a week.  One of these treasury-making members was randomly selected to be featured on our blog the month of February.  We just hope that she appreciates this gift for Valentine's Day, since chocolate or a diamond necklace was out of the budget.

Meet Em Martin of Another Cup.  With it being Valentine's Day and all, we figured we'd ask her a few questions about how she celebrates this holiday.  Here is what she shared with us.
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Do you celebrate Valentine's Day every year?

I think we do celebrate Valentine's every year, but maybe not a full out celebrate and usually not exactly on Valentines Day. This year we'll end up with a quiet dinner for two (my husband and I) probably on Saturday night after the kids are in bed. But, we don't decorate the house or buy gifts really - I might receive some flowers... but I'm not counting on it.

What's your best Valentine story? And/or what is the most memorable Valentine's Day for you?

My best Valentines story would be from my younger days... as a mostly single girl. I once sent a boyfriend on a Valentine's scavenger hunt all around the house. With each clue was a little gift... leading to the next... ending in a romantic dinner for two. The most memorable Valentines... well, that leads in to your next question. 

Being in the military, we know that you and your Valentine might have been separated during this time, are there any special ways you celebrate the holiday long distance?

We've been fairly lucky in terms of deployments. Justin has only been sent off on one long one (but many many many shorter deployments). Right before his long deployment, we had "Holiday Week." We put up the Christmas tree, we decorated for Christmas, Valentines, New Years, Thanksgiving, Birthday parties, our Anniversary.... we mashed all the holidays together and celebrated them all. For our combined Valentines/Anniversary celebration night (within the greater Holiday Week), we tried our best to put the kids to bed early... it was not to be. Our romantic dinner became old and dried out in the oven... and we sat up with cranky kids until nearly midnight. We shared the little heart shaped cakes and ice cream with them and watched the Muppets.

Do you do Valentine's Day for the whole family (like candy and gifts for kids, etc), or is it just a couples-thing?

Our kids are still fairly young, so we haven't really introduced them to the whole candy and gifts part of Valentines Day... and I hope we never do. Valentines is about love and sweetness and sharing those special moments. For now, it's mostly still a couples thing. 

What's your favorite kind of Valentine candy and/or gift?

Ok, so here's the odd part... I really don't like candy. I'm not a fan of anything sugary. I crave salt and I love dark chocolate. So, I suppose, dark chocolate covered pretzels would be my "candy" of choice. And, I think a clean kitchen would a marvelous gift ;) 

What do you think is the most romantic locale to celebrate this holiday?

The most romantic place to celebrate Valentines? Home! Sure, a drive along the coast would be fabulous and watching the sunset at Lover's Point (in Monterey) would be divine... but home... a warm blanket, a nice fire, a movie, and some quiet time is perfection to me!

Thanks Em, from Another Cup, for sharing a little about your Valentine's Day!

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Gaye Brownie said...

We celebrate everything and always over do it. My mom sent Valentine's Day cards to my grandkids. My grandson when he sees it says, "I know there is money in here." He opens it up and says, " A dollar!" It was a $20 bill.... His mother, his grandfather, and I gave him boxes of chocolates. He doesn't like the kind of chocolate we gave him.
On the other side my granddaughter loves everything & appreciated it all.