Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who's Who - Homefront Style

Handbag Set Purse and Wallet - Combo Teal

Shop Name: Doubleneedle Designs
What do you sell: Photography, Accessories and Holiday Goods
Real Name: Demauri Malin
Branch of Service: US Army
Who's in Service: Husband
Duty Station: Denver, Colorado
Family: Me, Hubby and Jim Jim (the dog)
Where to find

An interesting bit of information about you:My mother made up my name and it's pronounced Demer-ee. I am Dutch and Danish with a wee bit of Irish and I've never lived outside of the United States! Members of my immediate family have either worked on DoD contracts or have been in the military. We represent the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. So, I guess being military is in my blood. I left my career in WoMD to marry my husband and make few of a kind handmade goods.

Scented Candle Palm Wax Fall and Holiday Collection - Cranberry Marmalade

Shop Name: James River Candles
What do you sell: Palm wax candles, Soy wax tarts/melts and scented oils
Real Name: Steve Boxley
Branch of Service: Army
Who's in service: myself
Duty Station: live in Richmond, VA, last duty station Camp Taji, Iraq.
Family: Casey and Tully (my 2 cats)
Where to find you:
An interesting bit of information about you: I was a professional Archaeologist for many years.

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Homefront Artistry Team said...

What a unique name, Demauri! And we have our very own Indiana Jones on our team! Thanks for sharing a little of you with us :)