Monday, December 28, 2009

Must- Have Mondays - New Year's Resolution Helpers

With the end of December, we find ourselves at the conclusion of another holiday season (hopefully intact, albeit a little less rich) and the beginning of a new year. And as ritualistic as it may seem, we all have a tendency of making ourselves promises of great changes and new endeavors, fondly acknowledged as New Year’s Resolutions. These great finds from some Etsy Homefront Team Members, may help you ring in the New Year with an artistic flair, and hopefully motivation to get your resolutions in gear.

Keep Calm Carry On Glass Pendant

This pendant is a perfect way to be stylish, with a cool reminder to have a less stressful year.

Mallory Flower Shortie Bobies

Maybe a new ‘do is in your future plans, and these cute bobby pins would accent that new look for you.

Mix N Match Recycled Notecards

Keep better in touch with your friends and family during the year with this striking image notecards.

Kawaii Summer Treats Pacifier Holder Clip and Toy Leash

Organization is key, when trying to keep children tantrums at bay and stress at a minimum. This pacifier/toy holder is a great way of starting out small.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Mod Square Candle

Remember to sit back and pamper yourself, light a comforting smelling candle and take a few minutes to breath and relax.

Belgian White Chocolate and Crème De Menthe Candy

Indulge a little this year, especially if the title says “Begian” and “Chocolate.”

Homemade Granola Bars – All Natural

Or maybe you are trying to watch your sweet intake, this year. Of course healthy eating doesn’t mean tasteless food; just yummy good for you goodness!

Nautical Nonsense Reusable On the Go Sandwich Bag

Take a step into the world of “Green” (if you haven’t already) and find functional, yet stylish reusable bags.

Prince or Princess Crown Crochet Pattern

Learn a new craft this year; and have fun while doing it!

Pineapple Orchid Flower Bath Fizzy

A nice calming bath, after a long day of work or dealing with unruly children is perfect for putting the day back on track.

May your journey into the New Year be fruitful and continually propserous!

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PaperOnParade said...

What a wonderful selection of "must-haves"! The chocolate looks soooo yummy! Congrats to all!

Cams said...

great selection, grabbed some new faves from this post.
And yes, the chocolate is TEMPTING me!

Anonymous said...

albuterol sulfate said...

*like* ;)