Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kick Off Summer with the Homefront Giveaway

Its finally Summer! Can you believe it? Feels like we have been waiting an eternity for it to finally come. Day dreaming of the days to finally be able to relax on the beach, or camping with your family, looking at the amazing summer blooms, fireworks on Independence Day and even having the kiddos splashing you in the pool! The Homefront Team wants to welcome summer with you by having the "Kick Off Summer with the Homefront" Giveaway! YUP YUP You read that right, a totally free giveaway! Our team has been itching for summer so bad that we wanted have a giveaway with these great items to bring it in with a BANG! 11 totally free items, including free shipping! So do you want to see what you may be winning? Here is your preview!

Mini Cards featuring the Dunk Designs original illustration, "For Love of Country". Great for Independence Day, to give to a military spouse to show your support, to tuck into your sweethearts bag during any military separations or send in care packages overseas. Perfect size for kids, to help them feel connected during a deployment.

This soft lovey from Camillam's shop! Summer Days Race by as fast as your little one grows. Use this lovey for cleaning spit up, drool or watch your little one become attached to it as a loved companion. Great as a gift also!

Red Bird Chillin' Scarf from Wellsofcreation. Feel free as this bird, the wind blowing in your hair and chilling for the summer with this decorative scarf!

Cool down with this Snickers Notebook by TheChameleonsAttic. Made from a recycled Snicker Ice Cream box, this notebook has 50 blank pages, is wire bound and includes an envelopes in the back for holding coupons or receipts.

This adorable Little Patch Owl chirping in your ear, by mirkah. This little owl ready to perch on your desk, shelf or shoulder and brighten up your day. They are always wondering what you are doing and interested in what you have to say.

Feeling Pink, CrabApple Blossoms 5X7 Fine Photography by CreationsAnew. This 5x7 luster finished photo of Vibrant Pink CrabApple Blossoms is printed from WHCC and comes mounted on a photo board and ready for matting and framing.

All American Reusable On the Go Snack Bag by TerisTreasure. Save the Earth one baggy at a time by using this reusable snack bag. Featuring an American button fabric, lined with a no-rip nylon and closer is a strong velcro. Measures 4 inches by 5.5 inches

Cream and Blue Calico Cat by WanderingWhimsies. This Calico Cat is sewn with an "outward" seam, firmly stuffed, and hand stitched a heart from coordinating fabrics on the body of the cat. These calico cats are so cute tucked up on a shelf, in a cupboard or used as bowl fillers.

Get some amazing sleep with this Green Digi Cam Eye Mask by KristynsKreations. This green digi cam fabric is the same used for the US Marines camouflage uniforms. Makes this eye mask more masculine and perfect for any guy, plus still perfect for any girl to catch those zzzz's in. Reversible and measures 8 inches by 3.25 inches.

Relax in the morning with Oliver's Cherry Twist Loose Tea by DancingBearsTeaHouse. It a real twist on a cherry blend. We've carefully blended a delicate green tea with a gentle black tea with just a hint of cherry and ginger. You will love the aroma. Can also be iced... 4oz package.

A lovely inspirational card, Hope Keeps You Walking by Wellofcreations. I find words spoken at just the right moment can propel a person to strive higher, dig deeper, move forward, this is the perfect card who needs the inspiration!

So here is where your part comes in, simply leave a comment telling us what you are doing for the summer and don't forget to leave your name, contact email or a way to contact you in case you are the winner! The winner will be randomly chosen on the 10th of June and will receive their box soon after you are announced the winner! Good luck and have a great summer everyone!

Best wishes,

The Homefront Team


Bubba & Rye said...

I'm so impressed!!!! This is truly the most talented team of individuals!!!What a fantastic giveaway!

w said...

for the summer. let's see. i'll be entering giveaways. um. and sleeping. and that's pretty much it.

thanks for a great giveaway!

wendiwinn on etsy.

Insanity Kim said...

Wow! This is fantastic!

We are going home for a good part of the summer; Alaska! So excited to see friends and family and MAYBE get a few days of 70 degree weather that they have been having!
Great giveaway!!

I can be reached through email on my blog! :)

Ashley said...

We will be relaxing at the pool and taking 2 family vacations. Most importantly, my husband comes back from Iraq!!!!

Ashley Tingler

julia said...

My husband is in seminary, so after his summer class is over he'll be headed overseas for 2 weeks while my sister-in-law visits me & our son. Then it's off for a two week visit back home to see the grandparents! (all 8 of them!!!) :)

Sheila said...

What a great giveaway! This summer I'm cramming my kids with homeschool science and art that we didn't get to in the spring! Fun stuff!

gpdesignsart said...

I love this idea!! This summer I will be selling my creations at the downtown farmers market, and will be in charge of a new ministry called "operation Barnabas." The 1000markets Christian market (Marketplace of Blessings) are targeting individuals who could use a little love/Encouragement in a box. Our first boxes went to a team of military support agents in Afghanistan. It should be a great summer!!!

April said...

Celebrating my 35th Birthday..whoo hoo. Mostly spending time with hubby and kids as we gear up for another deployment.

GREAT items from a great group

April said...

and silly me didnt leave my email


Anonymous said...

I will be reading my pile of books this summer because I'm going to face an important exam just after the break.


Aik said...

Summer! I'm going to practise my piano because I'm going to take my grade 8 piano exam on 25th of June this year.

FullyHooked said...

We are traveling up and down California this summer! My hubby and I are going to show the kids some landscape, get them into nature and to enjoy the outdoors.

Anonymous said...

I am spending most of it with friends and family. Im so EXCITED!

NewYorkMemos said...

What an awesome giveaway! This is the first time I came across your team and you guys do such amazing work.

Let's see, this summer I plan to touch on my business studies. Ever since I graduated I realized "wow, I miss learning more stuff" lol Also, I'm planning to bring my fiance and his siblings to Reno for our very first time ^_^ Yay! Circus Circus!

Alright, have a great time everyone!


Anonymous said...

For summer, I am taking care of my sons, a 2 year old and a newborn. I also plan on working on some school stuff since I teach.

Jennifer Taylor

Anonymous said...

Hopefully..will be going home for the all have some really nice idems!

TwoSeasideBabes said...

What a wonderful opportunity to win wonderful handmade goodies!

Vanessa said...

We are moving into a fixer-upper this summer, and will be spending most or our free time making it our home!

Sharrie said...

This summer we doing lots and lots of camping! What a fun giveaway!


Amy said...

This summer we're staying home and rediscovering our city through exploration! We're hoping to create some great memories.

I can be reached through email on my blog! said...

I'm going to be finishing one job, looking for another, and finding a new apartment.

And going to a few concerts!

Yay summer. :)

Amber said...

I'll be having baby #2, this Summer!
So I'll be reacquainting myself with bottles, burping and sleepless nights!


Kathy Martin Studio said...

I'm a teacher at a year-round school. Teachers get about 3 months off during summer, but my 3 months were given to me a month in the fall, winter, and then spring. I have to work through the entire summer. Soooo this summer I'll be teaching. In my spare time I'll be taking Zumba classes...they are super-fun!


Amber said...

Wow! Thank you so much!! =D

eMOM said...

We would love to feature some of these military inspired crafts on our organizations blog! Would you contact us?