Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fitting It All In with Stitch’N Love

Time management is something that I have struggled with my whole adult life. I seem to be the one that everyone goes to get something done or to figure out a problem. Probably because everyone knows that I don’t like to tell others no, I am too much a people pleaser. This has left me in a bit of a quandary for time to fit everything in.

Now here I am a few years later…Mom of six between my husband and I, left the teaching field to stay home with the two youngest, started an online shop nearly a year ago and the new leader of my husband’s Family Readiness Group. I need to learn a little time management! Here are a few things that have worked for me or that I plan to implement in the very near future.

1. No matter how much you try to plan, expect the unexpected. My husband taught me shortly after we got together that you just never say “I plan to (insert desire here)” unless you want to NOT do it. We always a talk in “We hope to” or “If things work out”.

This holds true for trying to stick to a schedule. We have tried having certain days for things, like each person has a laundry day, clean house day, etc. But, alas, it never works out.

2. After the first one, this will sound weird, but get a calendar on the refrigerator and get everyone used to writing important events in it. We have a great family one that has a place for 5 names. Of course, some of us are doubled up, but we all know the routine. Everyone puts their things that they need to go to on the calendar and then I know who needs to be where at what time, who has a field trip coming up, when will hubby be at drill or at a conference. After that is all written in, then I can work in the “schedule” of things to do.

3. Never be afraid to tell someone “No”. It’s the hardest thing for me to say to someone in need, but people do try to take advantage. If you have a bunch of things to do with the family and other long-term obligations, there is no shame in saying no to more stuff.

4. Even when you have a set schedule, sometimes it’s okay to deviate from that schedule. Try to give yourself sometime for you. Even if it’s thirty minutes in front of the computer playing a mindless video game, it’s your time! I personally like to snag a bath every once in a while without any kids or hubby around.

5. As a WAHM or WAHD, make sure that you don’t spend more than 40-50 hours working your craft. This is something that is very hard for me to manage. I can get little snippets here and there when it’s just me and the little ones so I tend to multitask when everyone else is at home. While watching TV at night, I will gather dresses and get them ready to sew or even stitch some hairbows together. I have even been known to pull out the glue gun and line some clips while watching a movie!

6. Remember that you are only human, and no one can do it all. Delegate some work load onto others as needed. Children are only in the home for a little while. In our families, Dads and Moms have to go away for short and long periods of time. Take time to always be a family!


Art Whims by JS said...

So true! I used to have such a hard time saying no (mostly because I love being active), but now I know that it makes all the difference in keeping me sane and wanting to paint! said...

Great Post...and I agree. I try and keep "hours" as to when andhow much I will work.
Everything in perspective!
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